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Keeping an open mind in lockdown

Keeping an open mind in lockdown

How are you spending your time in self-isolation? Have you taken up a new hobby or perhaps revisited an old one that hasn’t crossed your mind since you were a kid?

Having been forced to slow down our lives and limit a large majority of distractions, have you learnt something about yourself? Perhaps it’s the simple fact that it’s a challenge to sit still, not just physically but mentally with your thoughts and emotions. What is this self-reflection time bringing up in you?

This unique time like no other allows us to delve deeper, be with our thoughts and emotions. Perhaps discovering why we may feel uneasy, unsettled or have trouble just being comfortable with ourselves.

Have you uncovered something about yourself that you wouldn’t have found if it wasn’t for the world as we once knew it to have stopped? What if we changed our perception of the current situation of a much needed recalibration of the world?

Embrace the present moment, enjoy it, appreciate it as we will know no other time like it in our lifetimes where the world has come to an almost standstill. I feel like I’ve been gifted a break; a well earned break to stop and reevaluate where I am in my life, my career, as well as who I am as a person and the person I am in the relationships in my life. Grateful for a somewhat ‘guilt free’ break from the daily grind; controlled chaos that fills my weeks.

As much as it was unsettling for the first time in my life to have so little control, I could see the bigger picture. I was at ease as soon as I accepted my situation and trusted the universe that ‘this too shall pass’. This calmness allowed me to sit and observe my thoughts and energy, which led to rediscovering my creativity. Creative ways to be innovative and still be able to connect with others. Socially distancing physically, but not loosing social interactions. I found joy in truly being able to be present socially connecting when servicing others, and realised giving can also help in filling up our cups too.

With so much noise and distraction in our lives now gone we have the time and space to revisit enjoying the simple things once forgotten. Relaxing on the couch with a good book or going for a long walk with no need to be anywhere has allowed me to become more mindful. Living life in the slow lane and reflecting often has strengthened my intuition and purpose. I feel I’m truly in the present moment more so than ever before, rather than being caught up anticipating the next moment.

What I now know is rest, kindness and vulnerability allows creativity to flow out of me.

To live your best life