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Corporate Yoga

Corporate Yoga

Does your workplace consider the health and wellbeing of its employees?

Does your organisation have an employee wellness program? If not, this might be the perfect way to create a positive shift in the culture of your organisation.

The talent you want knows that ‘Work-Life balance’ is an outdated concept. The best employees want a job that works for them, just as much as it works for the business. Understanding your role in enabling and encouraging your employees to live a healthy lifestyle is a big part of building the right culture.

Our Corporate Yoga classes combine the holistic power of ancient Yoga with Sports Science and Clinical Rehabilitation to deliver an invigorating class designed to get you up and moving from your desk! The regenerative approach will strengthen those often forgotten weaker areas and release any tight muscles to ensure we move well injury free. We work with you to reset your posture, restore your focus and reduce your stress. An intelligent approach to exercise during your lunch break!

To live your best life