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Sports Performance Services

Sports Performance

Perform at your best within your sport by being well-informed and taking action in recovering well and injury-proofing your body to get the most out of your performance week in and week out. Jump higher, run faster, react quicker with the strength and conditioning and exercise physiology approach to injury prevention and sports rehabilitation to ensure your body remains strong, stable and resilient long-term.

Sports Rehabilitation and Performance Programming

Want to be faster, fitter, stronger and more powerful in your sport? Do you have the skill but find that you keep breaking down from injury?

Our sports specific training programs may be for you! We complete an individualised assessment of your body, look at how you move and the demands of your sport. The information gathered in our session allows us to develop a tailored plan and inform our exercise programming specifically for you that will help you succeed in your sport.

Rehabilitation and Injury Prevention Groups

Be confident that you’re executing your rehabilitation and injury prevention programs safely and correctly in our supervised group-training environment. A great option to progress from one-on-one sports rehabilitation and performance sessions to group training settings as it empowers athletes to become more independent in their training, whilst also having support and the ability to receive face-to-face feedback and coaching.

Yoga for sports performance and recovery

Are you an athlete, play sport or a weekend warrior? Are you lacking flexibility? Not sure how best to recover after training or a game? Want to ensure that you’re doing all that you can to prevent injuries from occurring? Do you want to be challenged whilst improving your flexibility?

This is innovative yoga class that’s lead by 200hr Yoga teacher and Exercise Physiologist Liana, is designed to improve your flexibility, core strength, and stability through a fusion of stretching, yoga and body weight strength exercises.

This class is perfect for you if you’re wanting to reduce any stiffness, improve your flexibility while also maintaining strength of your deeper core and stabilising muscles. The regenerative approach will strengthen those often forgotten and weaker areas that serve to hold us together and ensure we move well injury free.

Perfect if you’re wanting to get back into exercise after having some time off or are returning from injury and looking for an intelligent approach to exercise safely.

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